Precision milling and drilling with digital pinpoint accuracy and tolerance.  Fast output hole processing.  large format capacity, and CNC digital options supplement our plate processing capacities.

Our QuickMill Vertical Machining Center (INTIMIDATOR) offers CNC precision, machined holes and mill finishes on a variety of steel products including baseplates, flanges, tubesheets and numerous other precision products with capabilities that are often performed secondary to the initial part production.  Plus, it has one of the largest capacities available, with the ability to accommodate a 120” wide plate up to 10” thick!

With our INTIMIDATOR, we can eliminate that second step in the process while further enhancing your ability to single-source your plate product needs.  On top of that, with the high-speed milling we can significantly reduce hole production costs compared to traditional radial arm methods.  Fast parts, lower price, what’s not to like?